Love at first tap

Blue Nile sells some serious amount of diamonds (more than any other online retailer). We were brought on by Toy Rockets to provide some UX and app design improvements to drive user retention and keep those engagement proposals coming in.
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Powering the music industry

Muzooka approached us for design help in solving some of the biggest problems that face musicians in the industry today. 5 years later, we're happy to still be handling all the strategy and design on their web app.
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Beats on the go

Step Sequence is a Mediumrare project where we experimented in creating a simple, fun iPad music app that anyone can just pick up and play. App design, development and audio was all done here in Calgary.
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Smashingly Greek

The largest Mediterranean food chain in Canada needed a new site to showcase their amazing food, as well as provide information about their franchise.
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Escape the bitter cold

+15 is a Calgary iPhone app that maps out the network of above ground pedestrian skywalks throughout the city. This was another Mediumrare project where we did all the app design and development for both iOS and Android apps.
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