Love at first tap

Blue Nile sells some serious amount of diamonds (more than any other online retailer). We were brought on to keep that number growing by updating their iPhone app with a new look while adding some fancy new features.
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Shopping addicts unite

Nordstrom—the luxury department store giant, needed strategy, UX and UI work for the launch of their flagship iPhone app. After hitting the #1 spot in the shopping section on the app store, we consider it mission accomplished.
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Beats on the go

Step Sequence is an internal project where we experimented in creating a simple, fun music app. Tap some squares in a variety of patterns, and watch the music come alive.
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Escape the bitter cold

+15 is a Calgary iPhone app that maps out the network of above ground pedestrian skywalks throughout the city. For those not aware of the weather in Calgary, getting out of the cold is kind of a thing we like to do.
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